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Here are the defining characteristics of fascism, as evidenced by political analyst Dr. Lawrence Britt, who has studied this doctrine in the case of Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia and Chile. See for yourselves how many of them apply to the US right now.

1. powerful and continuing nationalism
2. disdain for the recognition of human rights/usurping human rights
3. identification of enemies/scapegoats as unifying causes for the population
4. supremacy of the military (or mercenary groups in the case of the modern US)
5. controlled mass-media
6. obsession with national security
7. religion and government are interwined (bulls eye!)
8. corporate power is protected
9. the government is male dominated (sexism)
10. labor power and unions are suppressed
11. disdain for the intellectuals and the arts
12. obsession with crimes and punishment
13. rampant cronyism and corruption (most leaders are related to each other)
14. fraudulent elections (made easier by electronic voting machines)

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Ice Breaker Speech: Lo And Behold

Posted in Toastmasters by zenmaster on September 25, 2009

 Tonigh, I’m going to presenvcxt my speech entitled “Lo and Behold”. Lo and Behold? Am I playing with words or what? No pun intended, but, the title speaks volumes about who I am. At first glance, you all view me as an arrogant, self-absorbed, basket case, lonely, depressed, and morbid, don’t have life of any kind etc. Is there something that can ever go wrong if you try to approach me? Will I be a loose cannon? Will I rile up and cause people to run left and right? Contrary to popular belief, I’m not as scary as you think and I’m going to prove you wrong that I’m indeed an approachable person.
Good evening fellow Toastmasters and guest.
My name is <NAME WITHHELD>.  I don’t have any English name because my name is very easy to pronounce, even non-Chinese have no problem pronouncing it. I was born in the family with strong Chinese cultural upbringing. Out of 5 siblings, I’m the middle child. You might think I’m a troubled person because I don’t feel out of place. Yes, it’s true but it doesn’t mean that I use this as an excuse not to raise a bar higher for my improvement.
I’m a true blue KLlite. I born, raised and stay in cosmopolitan KL whereby the city never sleeps. I feel weird when I stay in slow paced area like Alor Setar or even cities in the Europe. I’m educated in APIIT specializing in Information Technology. I was spoilt for choice when I look for a niche, whether it’s programming, web designing, security, networking and database. Eventually, I opted for computer networking and landed myself into this field as a network engineer at <MNC>. In the future, I hope I will gain knowledge, getting promoted and save enough money to learn foreign language and travel to the place I want to be.

Over the years, my train of thoughts has changed due to immense knowledge from books, documentaries and internet. As a water bearer (or Aquarius, to be exact), I possess a quirky interest that you may find (well) weird. Speaking of which, my personal interest is reading, history, arts, poetry, music, foreign language, philosophy, anthropology and technology. Because of that, my friends often label me as jack of all trades, master of none. And there are no better geeky words to conclude with than these. I don’t really have any interest in sports, but if I have to choose my favorite sports, it would be tennis because I like to hit things surrounding me, literally.
My political view is considered a mish mash of conservatism and libertarianism. Although I”m a conservative, but I respect individual privacy and liberty. My biggest trait is I’m a very open minded person and patient (or at least that’s what I’ve been told). Although I’m proud to be a Han Chinese, I don’t see myself belonging in the cultural group or religious order. Neither have I considered myself as a Malaysian nor an Asian. But, I definitely consider myself as a citizen of the world.
One of my interest is music appreciation. Over the years, my taste of music has changed and evolved thanks to radio, magazines, tape exchange & CDs with friends, Internet and magazines. Depending on my mood, I listen to all kinds of music genre like pop, rock, folk, jazz, electronic, almost everything, The musicians that impress me the most is Queen and Muse. Reason being these bands produce great variety of music and best of all, they are well known for powerful live performance. That’s my ideal choice of musician. And, oh, they are both British. We all already know that British bands make better music, unlike their American counterparts.

I also has a strong interest in foreign language. Although English is widely known as an international language, that doesn’t mean that I’m at the top of the world because I can speak English. I don’t suscribe to that notion. My knowledge doesn’t stops there. In Latin America, it’s impossible for us to speak solely in English as most of the Hispanics speak in Spanish, which is the second most spoken language in United States. Which is why I take a que from the world’s famous polyglot, the late Jose Rizal. He’s not only recognized as a nationalist for his homeland, the Phillippines, but also has an ability to speak foreign languages. Not 2, not 3, but 22 languages. The language I would like to learn is France and Spanish. If I’m fluent enough in both languages, I’ll proceed to learn Hindi, Arab, Hebrew, Japanese and German. I’m also plan to improve my Mandarin and Cantonese as it’s wide spoken worldwide and as a Chinese, it’s a must for me to speak my own mother tongue. But, I doubt I can learn that language all in one go. Sigh, so much things to learn, but so little spare time. I wish there’s more than 24 hours in a day. Dream on.
Before I wrap up my speech, I would like to tell you all how I am feeling right now? Well, to be brutally honest with you, I feel very nervous. I can feel butterflies in my stomach  and shivers chill down my spine. My legs are shaking. But, I try to do the best as I can. I always dream to be a better speaker. Does it matter to me? Yes. This is because good communication is important in every aspect of life, from cradle to the grave. Ever since I’ve joined the Bangsar Toastmasters as a guest, much good has been accomplished. I have become more confident when I talk to strangers and voicing out my opinions. Even so, there’s a room for improvement. Hopefully, I will overcome my shortcoming, which is mumbling, smattering and pausing during conversation. With that being said, I’m delighted to be part of Bangsar Toastmasters family. I hope you all will accept me with open arms.  I promise I’ll deliver my next speech with more interesting topic of interest.  

Back to you.

Protected: The World According To Zen Master

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Get Paid Software For Free With Google Pack

Posted in Technology by zenmaster on September 30, 2007

To be honest, I don’t really like this application as the software bundled are not up-to-date. Might as well download it from official website. But, when Google decided to bundle Spyware Doctor and StarOffice into Google Pack, I continue using back the software. Forget the other bundled-software already.

  • Spyware Doctor Starter Edition: The sole purpose of using Google Pack application. It’s not a typical free souped up version of Spyware Doctor that you can download from software repository sites. You only can view the name, type, location and other information about any infection. The Google Pack version has some features that cannot be found in the free version, such as spyware removal, immunization and limited OnGuard protection. Now, you don’t have to resorted to download the cracked, pirated version just to use this full-fledged antispyware. As I can attest, Spyware Doctor has the best malware detection rate, thus far, compared to other antispyware that I’ve used.
  • Star Office: Free full-fledged office suit priced at RM200+ (I suppose) with extra features that’s not available in such as Adabas D database , fonts, cliparts and support from Sun Microsystems. Actually, you can download it from free for education use.

Words of warning, never download Norton Security Scan. This application has no real-time protection, only on-demand scanning. It’s very dangerous if you leave your computer unattended 24/7. I hope Google will include the antivirus like AVG or Antivir. Both antivirus is renowned for false positives. But at least, it’s better than no protection at all, right?

Download the Google Pack here.

Thus Spoke Zen Master

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Busy life ahead. No time to update. Don’t expect me to write a journal about numbers, codes and logic circuits, a’ight. Argh….whatever!!!!!

Yours truly is having a retreat at undisclosed location. It’s unknown when he’s going to come back in the blogging scene………….

Signing off,

Zen Master —–> yours truly nom de guerre,
<name withheld> ——> yours truly nom de plume

Pownce: The Twitter Killer

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This is the new project from Leah Culver, Kevin Rose, Daniel Burka, and Shawn Allen. Pownce is a microblogging site (or shall I say “The Twitter Killer”?), but with an added features such as file sharing. The only gripe for this site is there’s no function for us to post a journal via SMS. The app (built using Adobe AIR) allows you to send messages, links, files, and events to groups of friends. Check it out!

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Life In Colours

Posted in Poetry by zenmaster on August 24, 2007

Blue skies and great weathers and everything nice,
Hot like hell, cold as ice,
LSD, magic mushrooms and hash browns,
Oral sex makes my world go round.

Navy blue is the place where I born,
Prussian blue is the place where I belong,
Is my favourite colour, apple green?
Cream is the sweetest colour I’ve ever seen.

I date with a girl named Violet,
Spend a little time with the pink,
Hoping that she will fall in love me.

My flirting attempt bites to dust,
I flunked it once,
I failed it twice,
The feeling of falling in love is never nice,
Dreams shattered,
I’ve been there,
I’ve done that.

I think of black,
I think of mustard seeds,
I speak in colours,
I hear in grey,
I see rainbows in paradise
I live in the colours of my life. – “We’re Back!”

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“Suprnova has been down for some years due to some heavy pressure from the copyright lobby. The former owner sloncek donated suprnova to The Pirate Bay – and as you know, we like to kick ass and bow for noone!”

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Harold and Kumar 2 Trailer

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Self-explainatory. Malas nak explain.

8 Random Facts About Me

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I’ve been tagged by Ting Tit Lei.

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  1. I have a fetish for redhead. Yes, chicks with ginger hair, they turn me on. Read my journal entry on my fetish.
  2. I’m a very frugal person. Coming from lower middle-class background, it’s a norm for my family members to save it for rainy days, but it doesn’t mean I’m a stingy bastard to the point that I sacrifice everything during special events like birthday parties, dating, travel, marriage, funeral and Chinese New Year. Just control the spending lah! Don’t overspend, but don’t be kiam siap, either. Spend in moderation.
  3. I’ll buy Proton as my first car over Peroduas, rebadged Korean cars or CKD Japanese cars. Yes, I’ve faith in Proton already, despite its past bad records, faulty car parts and stupid tax. Since the management has changed, quality control is improved and less complains recieved from its buyers. Will Proton become part of Volkswagen AG? Will government sacrifice the national pride by abolish the excise duty and giving away all the stakes? We’ll see.
  4. I would like to be an autodidact and polyglot. Thanks to Interweb, I can find information for free such as wikis, open coursewares and productivity blogs. Nevertheless, gaining knowledge has its risk. I’m preoccupied with Google-ing, Digg-ing and Wiki-ing and leave revisions, tutorials and assignments aside as if studies is not important for me. I’m also risking myself from being heckled by others with derogatory names like Mr. know-it-all, smartaleck and smartypants. Well, better than being ignorant, am I right? Gaining knowledge is a lifelong process afterall. It doesn’t stop at getting a degree or obtaining As.
  5. I love to get high on nicotine and caffeine. On the other hand, I hate the feeling of getting pissed drunk. It’s okay to drink socially. Being tipsy is good because it miraculously transform myself from an introvert into an extrovert, which is good. My gripe for alcohol is the feeling of getting puked, liver damage and hangover, which is bad.
  6. I’m all for minimalism, be it web designing, grooming, furnishing, cooking or stuff like that. I don’t like complexity, it’s so messy and hard to maintain.
  7. <NARCISSIST MODE> Call me vain or what, History is my forte. Yes, I’m good at History subject. I never got anything lower than 80 before</NARCISSIST MODE>. History is just as easy as ABC, except that some of the information that we’ve learned in high school is crappy and misleading, especially the 513 race riot. What to do, government propaganda.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, my height is not 6 feet. I’m actually 5-feet & 11-inches and stop growing already. An inch/3cm more to become 6-feet-er. But am happy with my height. It’s a bitch to be a tall person, to be truthful.

This tag is getting stale and trite. That’s why, I’m not going to tag this to anyone. The infection ends here. But, if you want to volunteer yourself to do this tag, be my guest. 🙂