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Kevin Mitnick – The Art Of Intrusion

Posted in Technology by zenmaster on April 18, 2006

Ditto, except it’s consisting of the compiled stories submitted by the hackers around the world. Another must read book. Check it out.


Kevin Mitnick – The Art Of Deception

Posted in Technology by zenmaster on April 18, 2006

A very late review on book from me, few and far between. Kevin Mitnick is the world most renowned hacker. This book tells us about his life stories and experience as a hacker.The name of the people and the companies are fictional for anonimity. The book explains about the potential damage inflicted to the organization and ways to overcome the danger. Plus, the hacker’s jargons are included in this book. In conclusion, this book is the must buy for all walks of life. Some people will say, it’s inethical to publish it to the public. But heck, if you can’t beat it, join it. We’ll never know when we’re going to be exploited by social engineer. Hopefully, this book will serve as a lesson to us.

My rambling in Pig Latin

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on April 2, 2006

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