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Trends In Malaysia: Now & Then

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on June 18, 2006

This journal entry is about the trends followed by the yuppies in Malaysia from my point of view. It’s divided into Then (Gen X) and Now (Gen Y). Gen X trends are practiced in 90’s whereas Gen Y is in 2000 and beyond. Here’s the list:


Boy’s hairstyle: centre parting, shoulder length
Girl’s hairstyle: can’t think any
Girl’s Fashion: platform shoes, bell bottom
Boy’s Fashion: thrifty shirt, torn jeans, T-shirt w/ band logo, cargo pants w/ chains, studs
What’s cool: smoking cigarettes
Drugs abused: ganja, heroin, Valium
Oriental scene: Japan, dorama, J-pop/rock, sushi
Trendy music: alternative rock (coined by MTV)
Rock music: Seattle grunge scene
Theme: Do-It-Yourself or die
Club music: techno, breakbeat, industrial
E-commerce: dying
IT graduates: scarce
TV genre: game show, sitcom
Musical instruments: guitar, bass, drumkit, keyboard
Restaurant: indoor/air-conditioned
Dance style: anything that accompanying the fast techno beat (no idea what dance is that)
Nightclubs: Twelve SI, Warp, Movement (RIP)
Underground scene circulation: newspaper pullout (The Sun), DIY fanzine
Deluxe telephone service: dial 600-85-6666


Girl’s hairstyle: digital perm, rebonding
Boy’s hairstyle: spiky hair, Korean hairstyle ala F4
Girl’s Fashion: multi-stitched/layered (?) skirt
Boy’s Fashion: oversized shirts and pants, baby T emo-style, wristband, tight jeans
What’s cool: consuming alcoholic drinks
Drugs abuse: meth, MDM, ketamine
Oriental scene: Korea, K drama, K-pop, kimchi
Trendy music: hip-hop, rave
Rock music: Washington DC’s emo/screamo punk scene
Theme: Cheer up emo kid
Club music: trance, house, progressive
E-commerce: revived
IT graduates: glut
TV genre: reality show
Musical instruments: turntables, mixer, synthesizer, sequencer, Fruity Loops
Restaurant: al-fresco
Dance style: Melbourne shuffle, breakdance
Nightclubs: Zouk, Rush
Underground scene circulation: website, blog
Deluxe telephone service: SMS 66699

That’s all I can point out. I can’t recall the others. If anyone can figure out any mistakes or lack thereof, you can write it in the comments.


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  1. Hankerchizf said, on July 1, 2006 at 5:07 pm

    😀 interesting LOL!

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