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Posted in Technology by zenmaster on June 20, 2006

IE-SPYADS is a collection of filtered sites, particularly on the spyware, ads, popups and other rogue sites. It saves you alot of time from editing the host file. Host files works by redirecting the website to your own computer. Therefore, you will not able to view the site listed on the host file. It’s also useful to prevent pop-up windows, pop under, spyware infection and block certain websites. You can add it by entering the localhost IP ( followed by the website address.

The screenshot shows you how to install IE-SPYADS. You are given an options to install the restricted websites or uninstall it. Please bear in mind that the restricted porn websites are outdated. Porn website is known for its frequent changing of its domain. So it’s sensible for the author to stop adding the porn sites list.

Your list of restricted webstes in the host file can be found here.

Official site:

Other host file sites can be found here:


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  1. nemo-sis said, on June 26, 2006 at 8:40 pm

    neh. i rather use adaware straight away. no fuss. just because i’m not the only person using the computer. so, chances of getting infected by spyware is high.

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