The Mirror Image Of Myself

Flashback On LSD

Posted in Interesting Stuff by zenmaster on July 3, 2006


You may think that the picture above is a reminiscent of Listerine breath freshener stripe. Aye aye? Nay. Speaking of which, It’s not consumed to make your breath fresh, but to get high.

One of the accidental discovery, LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide in short. Initially, the fundamental compound in LSD used to induce childbirth, now it become one of the most powerful recreational drugs ever created in the history of pharmaceutical (after ketamine, maybe). Ironically, the founder of LSD, Albert Hoffman from Swiss never take it nowadays, even for recreational purposes. Many users think LSD doesn’t cause toxicity or fatality when overdose, unlike alcohol, opiates and cocaine. Right, but that’s not the main problem. Problem is, when the user started to experience the “bad trip”, which can be scary for the weak-hearted for the person like me.

Here’s a symptom as described on

Panic reaction
Amplification of unconscious fears
Suicidal ideation
Fear of going insane or of the inability to return to normal
Perception of rapid aging of self or others
Profound depression

GAWD!!!!! That’s not the definition of getting high. That is insanity.

Musicians that take LSD make better music. Maybe. Simply because the can “smell the taste, hear the sight and taste the sound”. What does that mean? Mmmmmm……no idea. No wonder bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Grateful Dead or any hippie-loving-peaceniks make a really great music, something that mainstream pop artists cannot do.

I feel like I’m in another plane of existance or twisted dimension (no pun intended), or even achieving enlightenment at the speed of light, unlike meditation, which takes hours to achieve alter the state of mind (depending on the place).

Click it to experience the “bad trip” from first person perspective:


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