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Silent Hill

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on July 8, 2006

My favourite video game genre is adventure. I’m leaning towards the great storyline instead of gameplay. One of my favourite adventure game is Silent Hill.

The feeling of fear prevailing from Silent Hill is depending on the feeling of fear. In the earlier sequel, a sense of fear is sustained by silence that lies within each characters which is progressively raised into anxienty. Gradually, it’s escalated into horror. Whereas the latest sequel emphasize on direct feeling of fear (violence).

The walls that bleed, swarmed and burned. Plus, an eerie sound that’s so realistic, it will send a chill thru your spine and butterflies in your stomach. This effect makes the set comes alive and realistic. It’s a definitive language of FEAR.

Since I’ve played all 4 sequels, I’m going to write a review from my perspective (no spoiler here).

  1. Silent Hill – There will be a remake of this sequel on PSP (maybe a prequel?), with better graphics, sounds and storyline. The graphics is choppy due to limitation of the PS1, but the sound compensates it.
  2. Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams – A sequel of its own and not related to the 1st installment. This is the best game I’ve ever played. It’s all about a protagonist  who is trapped into his own hell. I”m not going to explain it further, just play it.
  3. Silent Hill 3 – Graphically improved. A sequel derived from the 1st installment. Storyline is okay but the gameplay is too short. Replayability is short, as the ending is only 2. If you don’t care about the replayability, there’s actually 6 endings (just look at the game over cutscene).
  4. Silent Hill: The Room – The latest installment. Not related to any sequel, but closer to 2nd installment. The best thing of this game is, the protagonist is not playable. The most failure sequel of all.

Before I”m signing off, here’s my word of wisdom. What you see is not nessassarily reality. What you’re seeing may not be what I’m seeing. Maybe they are humans just like you. I might be wrong.  Till then, ciao.


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