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Must-Install Windows Software

Posted in Notes by zenmaster on August 20, 2006

Here’s my list of must-install applications on Microsoft Windows. The next time if I want to find some software, this is the place to refer. Do note that most of the listed applications are freeware.

  • Sharp Develop
  • .NET Framework
  • JRE
  • Daemon Tools
  • Google Pack
  • CCCP
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Free Download Manager
  • TVUPlayer
  • ……and some portable apps on USB stick!

Quit O/Cing Already

Posted in Life Stories by zenmaster on August 18, 2006

Those were the days when I first owned a Celeron Coppermine and Athlon XP Palomino. Now I own Thoroughbread-B, so I can push the FSB to the fullest. Graphics card is also never missed from constant tweaking and abuse. I softmod to become Quaddro using RivaTuner and some files. I’m also pushing memory and core speed to the max and then test it on benchmark program like 3DMark. It was fun. I had mixed feeling about this. Regret because wallet’s empty due to constant upgrades. Satisfied because I’ve owned the most powerful desktop PC (yeah, I’m so vain).

My PC life comes to and end when my el cheapo PSU exploded. Nevermind, thing could be worse. I checked the motherboard and I found out that the capacitor near the MOSFET was leaking and it smells like one kind. Bugger. That’s why I use truepower PSU like Enlight and Powerlogic just to be on the safe side. No more el cheapo PSU. Lesson learned. No more frustrating diagnosis and constant dosage of paracetamol and nicotine.

That’s the end of my overclocking life. I’ll use my current system (Thoroughbread B) until I’ve graduated from APIIT. After that, I’ll use a AMD Sempron64 with micro ATX motherboard with low-end graphics and that’s it. No more upgrades for high end stuff. I couldn’t be bothered about the performence anymore.

I’ll buy a laptop based on AMD Turion X2 when I secure a decent job. Compaq Presario is one of them. With the price of RM2999, it’s very affordable considering there’s a dual core processor and GeForce Go blablablablabla. Nevertheless, no Microsoft Windows installed on the laptop and it’s replaced by FreeDOS. It’s okay as I can install Ubuntu and its variants. It’s also has a decent Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP), GeForce Go 6150. Not as powerful as Radeon X1400 or equavalent, at least it can play games at lower settings if you don’t care about eye candy.

Queen – Live Aid 85′

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on August 15, 2006

This show is arguably the best performance ever performed in the history of music industry. Just listen to Radio Ga-Ga and you’ll know what I mean. Watch It!


HP Schedule (And Then Some…….)

Posted in Notes by zenmaster on August 10, 2006

Work at IDC, an ideal part-time job whenever there’s a semester break. I’ll work at HP after I graduate from APIIT because decent salary (albeit 12 hours a day for 4 days), accessible by public transport and not-so-long travelling time. I’ve compiled a schedule for workdays and holidays. Unlike college schedule, this one has no distractions cause by amendments.


Back To Linux

Posted in Notes by zenmaster on August 2, 2006

I’m used to try Linux. But, it doomed to fail, despite numerous attempts on internet connection settings using pppoe. When push comes to shove, I stopped using Linux since and made a comeback to Windows XP. Will try Ubuntu one fine day, if I’m convinced with the stupid Internet connection thingie. For starters, I’m using Kubuntu, just for the sake of trying an Internet connection. However, there’s a slight problem, because my family is not familiar with Linux.

The list below is the must install Linux application on my laptop (non-existant but I’ll buy someday), and it will change from time to time:

  • Kubuntu Linux
  • Linux Appz
    • Eclipse IDE
    • VLC
    • MSDN
    • Last.FM
    • NTFS mount
    • MonoDevelop
    • Mono Framework
    • Wine
    • etc (

Bayeux Tapestry

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on August 1, 2006

Bayeux Tapestry was used to depict a story of the Anglo-French war. In popular culture, it’s heavily parodied on the sites like 4Chan and Something Aweful. You can create a story or parody by visiting a Bayeux story generator website. Have fun. 🙂

The Doors – Love Me Two Times

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on August 1, 2006
This is the song for the player who likes to perform one-night stand. Very catchy and addicting, even I don’t have to refer to lyrics. I’ve played this dozens of times every day. Link.