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The Noob Stuff

Posted in Notes by zenmaster on October 27, 2006

After 2 years of learning IT in college, I’m still suck at programming, which is really really bad. Instead of making me a person what can think out of the box, I’m still a pedantic person. Maybe programming skills is gifted, somekind like an art. I might be wrong. Well, I archive it for my own reminder. So, woe is me for being a noob.

  • Declaring variable
  • Getting input
  • Main body of the program
    • Operators
    • Control structure
      • if…….else
      • switch
    • Loop statement
      • for
      • while
      • do…..while
  • Print output

Marking scheme for programming related questions. If you’ve done the 1st 3 criteria correctly, you can pass it already.

  • Proper class declaration
  • Proper main method declaration
  • Proper variable declaration
  • Logic of the program
  • Proper output

Well, that’s about it.


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