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AP And Excise Duty: The Primer

Posted in Automobiles, Notes by zenmaster on November 19, 2006

For new cars, AP can be obtained by the authorised importer. AP is FREE! Any kinds of AP is free BUT only REGISTERED/APPROVED companies/personal can obtain them!

Once obtained, they sold it for at least RM10k as high as RM50k.

For CKD (stands for Completely Knocked Down) cars, 40% of the car is imported (at most 60%) and at least 40% to 60% is locally made parts. That’s why you’ll see CKD cars are cheaper than CBU (Completely Build Up) cars.

CKD tax structure is completely different from CBU.

OK, let’s Hyundai Accent as an example. Mostly are CKD units. only those 1st gen are CBU units. let’s say that :

CKD pack is RM10k
Tax on CKD pack is 40% which comes out to RM4k
60% local parts will cost at least RM10k.
factor in the Excise Duties which is about 40% of cost price = RM9.6k.
plus labor/manufacturing cost maybe around RM5k per car

So COST price to get the car out of factory will be about RM39k.

Then there’s storage charges + transportation charges.

Also, the Selling Price must be government approved price. It can’t be lower than any Proton and Perodua. This is it.


Breaking News: Proton To Be Part Of Volkswagen (sort of)

Posted in News by zenmaster on November 10, 2006

Volkswagen AG Is Going To Buy 51% Stakes In Proton’s Manufacturing Plant

The government will decide within three months the possibility of giving approval for German carmaker Volkswagen AG (VW) to take up a 51% controlling stake in Proton Holdings Bhd’s manufacturing operations.

Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop said on Nov 10 that the government was also talking to many carmakers including VW and Peugeot, on strategic partnership for Proton.

He added the government also had an open mind on the sale of an equity stake in Proton and it would it do whatever it takes to ensure Proton remained viable.

He added the government’s priority was to ensure Proton would survive and be prosperous.

On Nov 9, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the government is considering giving approval for VW to take up a 51% controlling stake in Proton’s manufacturing operations.

The FinancialDaily reported on Nov 9 the government is believed to have finally decided on giving foreign parties a 51% control in Proton’s manufacturing operations, with German VW as a potential partner.

The report stated negotiations resumed with VW last month. Proton and VW ended talks early this year after they failed to agree on issues such as control of the company.

The arrangement could be similar to that between second national carmaker Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) and its principal Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd of Japan.

The report added Proton would handle the domestic distribution arm but a foreign partner would run the manufacturing division as it would bring in technical expertise and help expand Proton’s production for export

Source: The Edge

Looking forward for the locally made Volkswagen marquees, specifically, Volkswagen Golf R32.

Points To Ponder

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on November 4, 2006

If fire fighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight? If vegetarians eat vegetables, what to humanitarians eat?

Picture Of A Day

Posted in Entertainment by zenmaster on November 2, 2006

The picture above (taken from daily) shows a couple of Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin. OK, fine. This picture is available on Wikipedia, but I post it here just in case the picture is removed by Wikipedians.

It’s believed that Mary is the last girl lover nobody can replace her, before he had a promiscous relationship with a guys (yes, guys). Imagine if Freddie and Mary become a lifetime couple, they will producing a multicultural child (Parsi + English). Think about Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz.