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A Day In A Life With PDA

Posted in Life Stories, Technology by zenmaster on December 16, 2006

From what I’ve observed, PDA is not widely used anymore. Okay, I’ve used PDA before. It was HP 5510. I was so excited because I possesed some of the most coveted gadget. I spend most of my time installing mother load of software, pirated software to be exact. It’s hard to find freeware on Windows Mobile platform. Nevertheless, it was fun. I’ve also tweaking the clockspeed. Mui bueno.

As the time flies by, I realized that I’m not fully utilizing the functionality of PDA, except for PIM features. Maybe, it’s just me. Most of the PIM functionality like calendar and reminder in the PDA is available in smartphone and mid-range handphone. So, using PDA is not feasable anymore. Also, the online PIM services like Google Calendar and iScrybe enables us to access the PIM web application anytime, anywhere using mobile broadband like EDGE and 3G.

Of course, we can customize the PalmOS and MS Windows Mobile by installing additional applications. On the other hand, Symbian-based smartphones has a large variety of free homegrown applications, which is hard to find on Palm and Windows, as I’ve mentioned before.

Wonder what’s the fate of PDA in the next 10 years? Extinct? Maybe, it’s not a fashion statement anymore. Just like gaming platform, PC gaming is declined since the introduction of the next generation consoles. Nonetheless, PDA is still sold for niche market such as businessman and geeks.


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