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WebOS: Another Web 2.0?

Posted in Technology by zenmaster on December 31, 2006

As we have already know, Web 2.0 consists of:

  • Social networking
    • Myspace
    • Digg
  • Online applications
    • Google apps
    • ZohoOffice
  • Wiki (formerly known as groupware)
  • News that’s edited and published by the publics
    • Digg
    • Netscape
    • Newsvine

And now, WebOS, a relatively new technology in the digital age. We download the core WebOS application and then install it on the webserver. Other WebOS requires us to register for it, but the storage is limited (250MB only). Am not going to explain further because I’m quite new to this technology. There’s a wiki entry on WebOS and its related links.
We’ll might ask ourselves why we need a WebOS when we can use online applications, save it online and collaborate it. WebOS uses only one platform (a.k.a: web browser with Javascript capability), so that we can use it from different OS platform. Some of the well known webOs is eyeOS, youOS and speulately, GoogleOS. Thing is, when people are going to adapt to this new hype? Well, just wait and see. Click here to experience Web OS.


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