The Mirror Image Of Myself

Life Full Of Smoke And Brimstone

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on January 17, 2007

Nevermind, I’m just babbling, so don’t bother to comprehend my journal entry. I’m bored a horrible death now.

Your brain is a storage device to store memories. Your brain is the one that process your hand and movements of yours. When you need to carry something your minds tells you to moves your hands. When you are child or baby, you start input codecs and files and your brain will decode them and process them.

When a mind starts to accept only certain files and stop accepting codecs to decode the files, and started to create its own language. I called it bugged or virus affected. when the bug and virus is not removed or quarantined it still start damage the mind and brain. I call that malfunction of brain and should be send to format or leave it rotten.

Yes when you are lost you seek for answers. When you cant get your answers you , you start questioning and the serious one you start questioning who are you, and you start forgotten that your parents born you out and teach you how to walk with your own legs. Not every ordinary people is like this, only the extra ordinary people are like this. Not except the enlightenment, is because those people that don’t know how to light up their bulb. So they rely on people to help them to light up their life and look for the road.

There is always difference between people that find their way themselves and people that rely on people to look for the way to follow. People follow their mind because they believe that their mind are not cheap. People start questioning their cheap mind because they are already corrupted with cheap codecs and suffered malfunction and like sumone said is all ugly thoughts becauseis input files and codecs most of them are virus and bug.

The worse scenario cames is when the people got bugged and affected by virus but he didn’t know at all. He started to generate its own antivirus and started to creating own language that he believe that is true and same goes to other people.


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