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Who’s Going To Shave His Hair? Donald Trump Or Vincent McMahon?

Posted in Entertainment, Interesting Stuff, Sports by zenmaster on March 21, 2007

It’s been a while since I’m keeping track on sports entertainment. While watching RAW at mamak stall, my jaw dropped because Donald Trump is involved in the feud (only on the ring, not in real life) with the owner of the WWE in the battle of the billionaire storyline (it’s scripted anyways). On Wrestlemania, they will be competing each other in the Hair vs Hair match represented by the wrestler of their choice. Donald Trump is represented by Bobby Lashley. Whereas, Vincent McMahon is represented by Umaga. Either of them will lose their hair whoever lose the match.

Due to his super size ego and extreme care of his combover, I doubt Mr. Trump is willing to shave his hair. In other words, Umaga is destined to lose the game. Well, it’s a professional wrestling afterall (Professional as in acting). Imagine if wrestling is just a regular sports like golf and cricket, I will die a horrible death due to extreme boredom.

Result: As expected, Mr McMahon lost the match and had his hair cut bald. Ahaks!


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