The Mirror Image Of Myself

Pownce: The Twitter Killer

Posted in Digg, Technology by zenmaster on August 27, 2007

This is the new project from Leah Culver, Kevin Rose, Daniel Burka, and Shawn Allen. Pownce is a microblogging site (or shall I say “The Twitter Killer”?), but with an added features such as file sharing. The only gripe for this site is there’s no function for us to post a journal via SMS. The app (built using Adobe AIR) allows you to send messages, links, files, and events to groups of friends. Check it out!

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Life In Colours

Posted in Poetry by zenmaster on August 24, 2007

Blue skies and great weathers and everything nice,
Hot like hell, cold as ice,
LSD, magic mushrooms and hash browns,
Oral sex makes my world go round.

Navy blue is the place where I born,
Prussian blue is the place where I belong,
Is my favourite colour, apple green?
Cream is the sweetest colour I’ve ever seen.

I date with a girl named Violet,
Spend a little time with the pink,
Hoping that she will fall in love me.

My flirting attempt bites to dust,
I flunked it once,
I failed it twice,
The feeling of falling in love is never nice,
Dreams shattered,
I’ve been there,
I’ve done that.

I think of black,
I think of mustard seeds,
I speak in colours,
I hear in grey,
I see rainbows in paradise
I live in the colours of my life. – “We’re Back!”

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“Suprnova has been down for some years due to some heavy pressure from the copyright lobby. The former owner sloncek donated suprnova to The Pirate Bay – and as you know, we like to kick ass and bow for noone!”

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Harold and Kumar 2 Trailer

Posted in Entertainment, Videos by zenmaster on August 19, 2007

Self-explainatory. Malas nak explain.

8 Random Facts About Me

Posted in Tags by zenmaster on August 16, 2007

I’ve been tagged by Ting Tit Lei.

The rules of this tag:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

  1. I have a fetish for redhead. Yes, chicks with ginger hair, they turn me on. Read my journal entry on my fetish.
  2. I’m a very frugal person. Coming from lower middle-class background, it’s a norm for my family members to save it for rainy days, but it doesn’t mean I’m a stingy bastard to the point that I sacrifice everything during special events like birthday parties, dating, travel, marriage, funeral and Chinese New Year. Just control the spending lah! Don’t overspend, but don’t be kiam siap, either. Spend in moderation.
  3. I’ll buy Proton as my first car over Peroduas, rebadged Korean cars or CKD Japanese cars. Yes, I’ve faith in Proton already, despite its past bad records, faulty car parts and stupid tax. Since the management has changed, quality control is improved and less complains recieved from its buyers. Will Proton become part of Volkswagen AG? Will government sacrifice the national pride by abolish the excise duty and giving away all the stakes? We’ll see.
  4. I would like to be an autodidact and polyglot. Thanks to Interweb, I can find information for free such as wikis, open coursewares and productivity blogs. Nevertheless, gaining knowledge has its risk. I’m preoccupied with Google-ing, Digg-ing and Wiki-ing and leave revisions, tutorials and assignments aside as if studies is not important for me. I’m also risking myself from being heckled by others with derogatory names like Mr. know-it-all, smartaleck and smartypants. Well, better than being ignorant, am I right? Gaining knowledge is a lifelong process afterall. It doesn’t stop at getting a degree or obtaining As.
  5. I love to get high on nicotine and caffeine. On the other hand, I hate the feeling of getting pissed drunk. It’s okay to drink socially. Being tipsy is good because it miraculously transform myself from an introvert into an extrovert, which is good. My gripe for alcohol is the feeling of getting puked, liver damage and hangover, which is bad.
  6. I’m all for minimalism, be it web designing, grooming, furnishing, cooking or stuff like that. I don’t like complexity, it’s so messy and hard to maintain.
  7. <NARCISSIST MODE> Call me vain or what, History is my forte. Yes, I’m good at History subject. I never got anything lower than 80 before</NARCISSIST MODE>. History is just as easy as ABC, except that some of the information that we’ve learned in high school is crappy and misleading, especially the 513 race riot. What to do, government propaganda.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, my height is not 6 feet. I’m actually 5-feet & 11-inches and stop growing already. An inch/3cm more to become 6-feet-er. But am happy with my height. It’s a bitch to be a tall person, to be truthful.

This tag is getting stale and trite. That’s why, I’m not going to tag this to anyone. The infection ends here. But, if you want to volunteer yourself to do this tag, be my guest. 🙂

[NSFW] Infamous Fake Orgasm Scene By Meg Ryan

Posted in Humor, Videos by zenmaster on August 10, 2007

ACHTUNG! This video contains the most realistic fake orgasm you’ve ever heard. So realistic, people will think that you’re watching porn. If you still insisted of watching this video, just turn down the volume already so it’s barely audible. Alternatively, you can use headphone to listen to it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ❗

Video above is taken from the comedy-romance movie called When Harry Met Sally featuring the infamous fake orgasm scene. This scene is arguably one of the most memorable scene in Hollywood, so to speak.

The Demise Of Deus Ex Machina

Posted in Poetry by zenmaster on August 9, 2007

Chapter 1,
Mindfucked by the cliffhangers,
It got me dazed and confused,
No Man’s Land is the place I wanna be,
And the story begins.

The pivot of the plot,
Reeks of ignorance,
From every nooks and cranny of my brain and brawns,
It stinks to high heaven,
Ain’t nothing but a blatant lying,
Mixed messages is all I get,
What goes?
So much for the happy endings,
It makes me wonder,
Who am I to save the day?
Who would know my name?
Deus ex machina?

The reel will bring me down,
The reel will lift me up,
Here in silverscreen,
I feel like Jesus Christ,
I enjoy my last supper,
I take my last breath,
And of course, I say my last word,
Before I cease to exist,
The end.

Insignificant Things In High School Life

Posted in Tags by zenmaster on August 7, 2007

This meme (pronounced meem, not mimi or mem) phenomenon is infectious. The phenomenon is worse than AIDS outbreak. No wonder people hate to do memes. I’m not spared from the meme outbreak. This time I’ve been infected by Rabbit. The theme of the tag is naughty stuff I’ve done in high school, as simple as that (big deal!). My ability of storytelling and writing a long entry seems to be far-fetched but it’s not impossible for me to do it. That’s why, I’m gonna dissect it into 4 series of unfortunate events (pun intended).

The rules marked in red font are the one that I’ve to abide. Am not allowed to flout the tag rules (which I flouted it in my first tag) and replace it with my innate version of unwritten law. Meh.

1. Write about one of your naughty moments in secondary school.
2. Story must not be shorter than 20000 words. Jk. Just don’t make it too brief lah.
3. Tag bloggers who you think have really interesting stories to tell. Don’t go “ah I won’t tag anyone”.

During high school time, I was part of the clique (not triad, mind you) called Kokkers. It’s also known as Parti Perikatan because it has uncanny resemblance of multicultural political alliance during 60’s (hope you’ll get my drift). Yes, we do have our own blog, so do pay a visit, ya. Although we’re parted ways already for different commitments, but we do have yamcha sessions once in a blue moon, with banters and chatters going on. Moving on to my stories.

  • What my friends and I had done was we stole T’s exercise book and cooked up the story. Well, actually he didn’t wrote it all. What happened actually is that he only wrote the first paragraph before he could finish it. One of the kokkers stole it and pass around and we all added up our own versions of the story laced with necrophilia, BDSM and sexual innuendo. English teacher, Mrs. Chew was dumbfounded with T’s masterpiece, so she called T to explain to her. Much to his disgust, he had gotten emo. Without hesitation, he pointed his fingers to us. Uh, oh! We got caught red-handed, but we don’t blame it at T though, we deserved to be punished after got kantoi-ed. Needless to say, we were awarded punished with 10 demerit points. 30 more points for us to get 2-weeks suspension. 😈
  • This is by far the naughtiest stuff I’ve ever done. Teacher had gotten herself an MC. No class for 3 hours. Bored a horrible death. Nothing to chat about. All of sudden, one of the kokkers came out with his idea of stacking the tables and chairs as high as Petronas Twin Towers. So, we joined the frenzy. Uncannily, it looks like a giant Jenga in real life. Because of the wobbly and lopsided structure, we had a bad, bad feeling that it was going to toppled by itself. Déjà vu! It dropped like Jenga and the loud thud sound can be heard, not just 3 doors down, but one whole block. Ditto, we got awarded ourselves with bad karma/demerit points worth 10 for the naughty stuff that we have done. Nevermind, it could be worse. We got ourselves pinched in the nipples by Cikgu Sajoli (cikgu disiplin in charge and our accounting teacher). God knows how excruciating the pain was. 😥
  • The final story revolves around the final day of SPM. Tempers flared as heat arised, mind trembled while waiting for the agony and torment to be ended. We burned all the wretched buku latihan as a sign of happiness. We even chanted our own mantra (maybe). Students and teachers were dumbfounded with utter disgust at our pagan druid-like behaviour. Felt so blessed that time, like in seventh heaven. Then, we head over to Desa Setapak for a 5-hours of non-stop fragging fest at cybercafe called Tbun (or was it Surfnet?). Best siut. Quote from the Kokkers “Best like fuck can die.“, unquote.
  • If you’re my best friend or classmate, you’ll noticed that I was a quiet indifferent person and a lunatic fringe who abhorred anything mainstream and trendy such as boyband and I also had a penchant for Führer Hitler, Chairman ROFLMAO and spraying out the water ala-Triple H. Because of that, I’ve got bullied, heckled, teased and annoyed. Now, I’m no longer a judgemental person. Albeit being a quiet person, I did a naughty suff like Operasi Pisang and playing firecrackers in school compound. If you were my classmate, you’ll find that I was so generous enough to let you all copy my answers during Sejarah exams without getting caught by teacher.

That’s the end of my high school stories. Now is the disease-spreading time. I’m gonna spread my viral meme to the following people: Cincau Hangus, Jann, Tze Lun, Faisal and Grace. Whether they wanna do the tag it or not, I couldn’t be bothered. It’s not like I’m going to butcher them with my machate.

7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing

Posted in Digg, Technology by zenmaster on August 5, 2007

Below I have compiled a list of 7 clever Google tricks that I believe everyone should be aware of. Together I think they represent an apex example of the grand possibilities associated with Google search manipulation tricks and hacks. Although there are many others out there, these 7 tricks are my all-time favorite. Enjoy yourself.

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Chinese Movie vs Indian Movie

Posted in Articles, Humor by zenmaster on August 4, 2007

Things You Would Never Know Without Chinese
Swordsman Movies

1. Being the hero’s parents will always be unlucky
and will usually be killed by enemies when the hero
is young and the hero will become an orphan.

2. When a man is wounded and dying, he always
manage to catch his breath and speak a few
sentences to reveal the killer before dropping his
head and declared dead.

3. Skilled people are able to fly over roof tops, up
trees and across distances without any sweat. But
when travelling to towns and villages, they still have
to walk or ride horses.

4. The heroes need not have to work for money, but
will always have gold and silvers with them to pay
for their dishes.

5. The heroes and villains will meet each other very
often no matter how big the country is and no
matter where they are.

6. Healing internal wounds in the body is as easy
as sitting down cross-legged, palms on the knees
and smoke coming out from the head.

7. They can keep a lot of stuff in their sleeves and
waistband and never drop them (carrying especially
lots of those gold and silver ingots.

Things Your Would Never Know Without Indian

1. A man will show no pain while taking the most
ferocious beating but will wince when a woman
tries to cleanse his wounds.

2. The hero cannot fall in love with the heroine (vice
versa) unless they first perform a dance number in
the rain.

3. Once applied, make-up is permanent, in rain or
in any other situation.

4. Two lovers can be dancing in the field and out of
nowhere, 100 people will appear from god-knows-
where and joins them in the dance.

5. In the final scene, the hero will discover that the
bad guy who he is up against is actually his
brother and the maid who looked after him is his
mother and the chief inspector is his father and the
Judge is his uncle and so forth.

6. Key English words used in the movie (usually
said out loud between sentences) are No Problem!,
My God!, Get Out!, Shut-up!, Impossible!, Please
forgive me! …….. etc

7. They drop down on grounds and roll and roll
while singing and came out with different clothing.

8. They can run around the coconut trees, singing,
battling eyes-lid, and throwing glances at each
other and change clothes all at the same time
without being out of breath.