The Mirror Image Of Myself

The Demise Of Deus Ex Machina

Posted in Poetry by zenmaster on August 9, 2007

Chapter 1,
Mindfucked by the cliffhangers,
It got me dazed and confused,
No Man’s Land is the place I wanna be,
And the story begins.

The pivot of the plot,
Reeks of ignorance,
From every nooks and cranny of my brain and brawns,
It stinks to high heaven,
Ain’t nothing but a blatant lying,
Mixed messages is all I get,
What goes?
So much for the happy endings,
It makes me wonder,
Who am I to save the day?
Who would know my name?
Deus ex machina?

The reel will bring me down,
The reel will lift me up,
Here in silverscreen,
I feel like Jesus Christ,
I enjoy my last supper,
I take my last breath,
And of course, I say my last word,
Before I cease to exist,
The end.


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  1. jannz said, on August 10, 2007 at 12:35 am

    what the KETAM????

    Zen: Aiyah, I’ll explain it to you in college lah. Be patient.

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