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Get Paid Software For Free With Google Pack

Posted in Technology by zenmaster on September 30, 2007

To be honest, I don’t really like this application as the software bundled are not up-to-date. Might as well download it from official website. But, when Google decided to bundle Spyware Doctor and StarOffice into Google Pack, I continue using back the software. Forget the other bundled-software already.

  • Spyware Doctor Starter Edition: The sole purpose of using Google Pack application. It’s not a typical free souped up version of Spyware Doctor that you can download from software repository sites. You only can view the name, type, location and other information about any infection. The Google Pack version has some features that cannot be found in the free version, such as spyware removal, immunization and limited OnGuard protection. Now, you don’t have to resorted to download the cracked, pirated version just to use this full-fledged antispyware. As I can attest, Spyware Doctor has the best malware detection rate, thus far, compared to other antispyware that I’ve used.
  • Star Office: Free full-fledged office suit priced at RM200+ (I suppose) with extra features that’s not available in such as Adabas D database , fonts, cliparts and support from Sun Microsystems. Actually, you can download it from free for education use.

Words of warning, never download Norton Security Scan. This application has no real-time protection, only on-demand scanning. It’s very dangerous if you leave your computer unattended 24/7. I hope Google will include the antivirus like AVG or Antivir. Both antivirus is renowned for false positives. But at least, it’s better than no protection at all, right?

Download the Google Pack here.


Thus Spoke Zen Master

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on September 4, 2007

Busy life ahead. No time to update. Don’t expect me to write a journal about numbers, codes and logic circuits, a’ight. Argh….whatever!!!!!

Yours truly is having a retreat at undisclosed location. It’s unknown when he’s going to come back in the blogging scene………….

Signing off,

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