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Posted in Interesting Stuff by zenmaster on February 4, 2010

Here are the defining characteristics of fascism, as evidenced by political analyst Dr. Lawrence Britt, who has studied this doctrine in the case of Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia and Chile. See for yourselves how many of them apply to the US right now.

1. powerful and continuing nationalism
2. disdain for the recognition of human rights/usurping human rights
3. identification of enemies/scapegoats as unifying causes for the population
4. supremacy of the military (or mercenary groups in the case of the modern US)
5. controlled mass-media
6. obsession with national security
7. religion and government are interwined (bulls eye!)
8. corporate power is protected
9. the government is male dominated (sexism)
10. labor power and unions are suppressed
11. disdain for the intellectuals and the arts
12. obsession with crimes and punishment
13. rampant cronyism and corruption (most leaders are related to each other)
14. fraudulent elections (made easier by electronic voting machines)

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