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Persian Names Are Cool, Too

Posted in Asides, Interesting Stuff by zenmaster on July 28, 2007

From my observation, most of the Malaysians are already bored with naming their children in Western or Biblical monickers. To heed Tun Mahathir’s advice to “look at the east”, Malaysian parents name their children the Eastern way, Persianized, to be precise. Mirza, Perves, Omid, Darius, Cyrus and Xerxes (I kid you not) are some of the names given by the parents to their male children. For female, the parents will name their children Aryana, Laili, Suri, Shereen and Mumtaz.

To make this entry longer, am going to write the trivias about the Persians. Whenever you look at the Persians, you’ll might be thinking “Hmmmm…… they look like Arabs or Jews”. Yes, Persians and Arabs look alike but, hell no, Persians are Aryan, not Middle Eastern. Afghans, Pakistani and Northern Indians are actually Aryans, too. We might learned the World Civilizations like Egypt and China but we definitely haven’t learn the Persian Empire before, despite its significant contribution in the world. That’s why, Persian empire is the most underrated civilization in the world.

In fact, 2/3 of the scholars, important figures, inventors and pioneers during Golden Age of Islamic Civilization are actually Persians (surprised, eh). Religions like Zoroastrian and Bahai Faith are founded by the Persians. Yeap, I’m going to name my children, Xerxes, if only I’ve a child. I said IF.

Click here for the list of Persian names


Memorable Quotes From Top Gear Presenters

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“Oh, cock!” – James “Captain Slow” May

“I have not had my teeth done” – Richard “Hamster” Hammond

“Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.” – Jeremy Clarkson

Attention: You can now download the Top Gear Polar Special Challenge from Final Gear website already. What challenge? It’s the race between Jeremy & Captain Slow vs. Hamster, stretched from Northern Canada to North Pole using special-made pick up truck and sled pulled by the dogs respectively. Who’ll win the race? Am not going to spoil you. Just download it and watch it. You can opt for download the 300MB or 700MB version. Keep your fingers crossed for HD version. Yes, HD!!!!!! (I wonder how good the video is). If you haven’t watch Top Gear before, tune in on NTV7, every Sunday at 3pm .

Download the torrent here.

Hacker Koan

Posted in Asides, Humor by zenmaster on July 21, 2007

Koan (pronounced as ko-an) is well-known for absurdity and difficult to be answered with yes or no as there’s no absolutes in the koans. Depending on the person, he/she might give different answers. Geeks in MIT came out with something hillarious out of blue, called hacker koan. Hacker koan is a parody to the Zen’s version of koan. Usually, it’s ended up with punchlines. One of the examples is:

A student was playing a handheld video game during a class. The teacher called on the student and asked him what he was doing. The student replied that he was trying to master the game. The teacher said, “There exists a state in which you will not attempt to master the game, and the game will not attempt to master you.” The student asked, “What is this state?”

The teacher said, “Give me your video game, and I will show you.” The student gave him the game, and the teacher threw it to the ground, breaking it into pieces.

The student was enlightened.

Of Short Post And Next Entry

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on July 14, 2007

Holy shiat. I realized that I’ve made a huge mistake in my About Me page. What goes? Because Danny Foo said so. 😛

On a lighter note, allow me to fix the time zone to UTC+8 and YouTube embedded videos before I write a new entry. How about modifying the template into something Zen-like? Maybe next time. I’m just not good at web designing.

“I wish I was as fortunate as fortunate as me.”
Sounds familiar? Stay tuned for next journal entry. Oh yeah, today is Caturday, so let’s partayyy!!!!

Koan Of A Day: Dead Man’s Answer

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on July 12, 2007

When Mamiya, who later became a well-known preacher, went to a teacher for personal guidance, he was asked to explain the sound of one hand.Mamiya concentrated upon what the sound of one hand might be. “You are not working hard enough,” his teacher told him. “You are too attached to food, wealth, things, and that sound. It would be better if you died. That would solve the problem.”The next time Mamiya appeared before his teacher he was again asked what he had to show regarding the sound of one hand. Mamiya at once fell over as if he were dead.”You are dead all right,” observed the teacher. “But how about that sound?”

“I haven’t solved that yet,” replied Mamiya, looking up.

“Dead men do not speak,” said the teacher. “Get out!”

May I Check Your Boobs, Please?

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Notice Word Verification/CAPTCHA in the screenshot above.

R.I.P Chris Benoit

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Whilst searching for the latest news on Digg, I was shocked by the news of WWE professional wrestler (to a certain extend, actor) Chris Benoit found dead in his home together with his wife and children. The news isn’t fabricated like Mr. McMahon’s death. It’s real. R.I.P Chris. You’ll be missed. 😦

STAMFORD, Conn., June 25, 2007 – World Wrestling Entertainment was informed today by authorities in Fayette County, Ga., that WWE Superstar Chris Benoit, his wife, Nancy, and his son were found dead in their home. Authorities are investigating, but no other details are available at this time.

Instead of its announced programming for Monday on USA Network, WWE aired a three-hour tribute to Chris Benoit.

Chris was beloved among his fellow Superstars, and was a favorite among WWE fans for his unbelievable athleticism and wrestling ability. He always took great pride in his performance, and always showed respect for the business he loved, for his peers and towards his fans. This is a terrible tragedy and an unbearable loss.

WWE extends its sincere condolences and prayers to the Benoit family and loved ones in this time of tragedy.


Word Of A Day: Desu

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on June 23, 2007

Desu is a Japanese for ‘it is’. It’s often said at the end of sentences to seem cute or unwitting.


I went to the store and bought some milk, desu.



Still can’t get what I mean? Then head over to here.

Coincidence or Intentional?

Posted in Asides by zenmaster on March 29, 2007

Mazda vs Zoroastrian

King Kamehameha vs Kamehameha fireball attack


Union Jack flag vs Confederate flag

Bad grammer. Bah!

NOFX Is Coming To Malaysia

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The picture worth a thousand words. So, just keep your fingers crossed and ROCK ON!