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Memorable Quotes From Top Gear Presenters

Posted in Asides, Automobiles, Humor by zenmaster on July 26, 2007


“Oh, cock!” – James “Captain Slow” May

“I have not had my teeth done” – Richard “Hamster” Hammond

“Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.” – Jeremy Clarkson

Attention: You can now download the Top Gear Polar Special Challenge from Final Gear website already. What challenge? It’s the race between Jeremy & Captain Slow vs. Hamster, stretched from Northern Canada to North Pole using special-made pick up truck and sled pulled by the dogs respectively. Who’ll win the race? Am not going to spoil you. Just download it and watch it. You can opt for download the 300MB or 700MB version. Keep your fingers crossed for HD version. Yes, HD!!!!!! (I wonder how good the video is). If you haven’t watch Top Gear before, tune in on NTV7, every Sunday at 3pm .

Download the torrent here.


Turn Your MPV Into A 7-Seater Convertible. O Rly? Ya rly.

Posted in Automobiles, Humor, Videos by zenmaster on June 21, 2007

Jeremy Clarkson (also known as Jezza in Australian accent) tries to prove that multi purpose vehicle (MPV) can be multi functional by cutting the roof off and convert it into a 7-seater convertible MPV. But the outcome is not that good. The MPV split into half while he’s driving half-way. Hence, Jezza concludes that Renault Espace is not a good car and destined to go to hell.

Ironically on Top Gear’s “How Hard Can It Be” challenge, Renault Espace just doing fine despite being converted into convertible by the same means. Maybe the challenge is managed by James “Captain Slow” May instead of Jeremy “Powerrrr” Clarkson. Ditto, the challenges ended in hilarity, albeit the MPV is back in good condition (sort of). I’m not going to spoil you. Just download and watch Top Gear Season 8 Episode 1.

For your information, this clip is not taken from Top Gear. It’s from his annual DVD release couple of years ago called Heaven and Hell, featuring the famous Perodua Kelisa being tortured to death by the means of smashed by sledgehammer, “hanging, drawing & quartering” and explosion. In other words, it’s the worse car being
tortured by Jezza just because it’s the cheapest car in UK (6000 pounds) and it’s nothing but a white good that has no soul, no passion and no flair.

Yet Another Proton Saga

Posted in Automobiles, News by zenmaster on January 18, 2007

Nevermind the pun. It’s purely coincidence.

GM “interested” in Proton

General Motors Corp (GM) is interested in Proton Holdings Bhd, GM’s chief financial officer said in Detroit on Jan 16.

“We are interested but there are many other players interested,” CFO Fritz Henderson said, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Automotive News World Congress in Dearborn, Michigan, though he provided no further details.

The Malaysian government said this week GM was interested in Proton, but GM had declined comment so far.

GM joins a growing list of global carmakers seeking an equity stake or technical partnership in the Southeast Asian automaker.

Malaysia’s second finance minister, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, said France’s PSA Peugeot Citroen and Germany’s Volkswagen were also interested in Proton.

But Henderson said it was too early in the bidding process to provide any details. GM’s interest in Proton comes at a time when it is looking for additional capacity in emerging markets, with a focus on rapid growth in Asia.

Even as the world’s largest automaker is expected to be challenged for the top spot in global sales by Japanese rival Toyota Motor Corp this year, chief executive Rick Wagoner has said he expects the company to continue to grow sales outside the United States.

Overseas sales accounted for 55% of GM’s total revenue in 2006 — a trend Wagoner has said will continue in the next few years.

GM, which lost US$10.6 billion (RM37.1 billion) in 2005 and has lost US$4.8 billion in the first three quarters of 2006, is in the middle of a restructuring as it cuts billions of dollars in costs.

The government controls Proton through Khazanah Nasional Bhd. It also controls an undetermined additional amount of Proton through direct and indirect holdings held by other state firms and agencies.

Proton lost US$69.05 million (or RM250.3 million) in the three months ended Sept 30, its fourth quarterly loss in less than two years, as a slump in its car sales worsened. — Reuters

Whether it’s Peugeot, Volkswagen or General Motors, Proton’s stake acquisition and joint venture is important to save an ailing Proton. Proton no longer can depend on government’s silverspoon if it wants to stand the test of globalisation time. Rakyat have had enough with inferior-build Protons in Malaysia and excessive protection by imposing excessive tariffs on imported cars. Just keep our fingers crossed for the next 3 months.

AP And Excise Duty: The Primer

Posted in Automobiles, Notes by zenmaster on November 19, 2006

For new cars, AP can be obtained by the authorised importer. AP is FREE! Any kinds of AP is free BUT only REGISTERED/APPROVED companies/personal can obtain them!

Once obtained, they sold it for at least RM10k as high as RM50k.

For CKD (stands for Completely Knocked Down) cars, 40% of the car is imported (at most 60%) and at least 40% to 60% is locally made parts. That’s why you’ll see CKD cars are cheaper than CBU (Completely Build Up) cars.

CKD tax structure is completely different from CBU.

OK, let’s Hyundai Accent as an example. Mostly are CKD units. only those 1st gen are CBU units. let’s say that :

CKD pack is RM10k
Tax on CKD pack is 40% which comes out to RM4k
60% local parts will cost at least RM10k.
factor in the Excise Duties which is about 40% of cost price = RM9.6k.
plus labor/manufacturing cost maybe around RM5k per car

So COST price to get the car out of factory will be about RM39k.

Then there’s storage charges + transportation charges.

Also, the Selling Price must be government approved price. It can’t be lower than any Proton and Perodua. This is it.