The Mirror Image Of Myself

Farked Up To-do List

Posted in Life Stories by zenmaster on March 2, 2007
  • Carry more weight on my shoulders
  • Preparing for impending Database & Data Structures resit
  • Find for temporary jobs (preferably data entry)
  • Completing my 1 year 6 months intermission
  • Be a full-time editor on, literally
  • Write a new entries as I’ve promised earlier (maybe not)
  • Continue learning Spanish
  • …………………..and then, some!!!!

Stick Your Fingers Up Your Ass, Mr. Politicians.

Posted in Life Stories by zenmaster on February 13, 2007

These days, many politicians voice out their opinion on racial purity and superiority complex.

One of them is, Ghani Othman with his rejection of Malaysian racial entity idea as well as Zainudin Maidin with his notion of Eurasian models are not suitable for local advertisement because it doesn’t refect the Malaysian identity. What a prick they are.

I’ll write a journal entry about it (superiority complex, multicultural and Dato’ Onn bin Jaafar). Just keep your fingers (and toes!!!!) crossed.

A Day In A Life With PDA

Posted in Life Stories, Technology by zenmaster on December 16, 2006

From what I’ve observed, PDA is not widely used anymore. Okay, I’ve used PDA before. It was HP 5510. I was so excited because I possesed some of the most coveted gadget. I spend most of my time installing mother load of software, pirated software to be exact. It’s hard to find freeware on Windows Mobile platform. Nevertheless, it was fun. I’ve also tweaking the clockspeed. Mui bueno.

As the time flies by, I realized that I’m not fully utilizing the functionality of PDA, except for PIM features. Maybe, it’s just me. Most of the PIM functionality like calendar and reminder in the PDA is available in smartphone and mid-range handphone. So, using PDA is not feasable anymore. Also, the online PIM services like Google Calendar and iScrybe enables us to access the PIM web application anytime, anywhere using mobile broadband like EDGE and 3G.

Of course, we can customize the PalmOS and MS Windows Mobile by installing additional applications. On the other hand, Symbian-based smartphones has a large variety of free homegrown applications, which is hard to find on Palm and Windows, as I’ve mentioned before.

Wonder what’s the fate of PDA in the next 10 years? Extinct? Maybe, it’s not a fashion statement anymore. Just like gaming platform, PC gaming is declined since the introduction of the next generation consoles. Nonetheless, PDA is still sold for niche market such as businessman and geeks.

Open Courseware

Posted in Life Stories by zenmaster on October 17, 2006

I’m being diagnosed with another symptom of internet addiction. Besides of getting info from HowStuffWorks,, digg,, online library, ibiblio, ebooks and mother lodes of information. Thanks to, I’ve discovered open courseware for the first time. Some of the universities that provide the open courseware are MIT, Harvard, Berkeley UC and UCLA.

Endless pursuit of knowledge has now began. Okay, maybe I won’t recieve a certificate in return. Nevertheless, due to limited time allocated, I don’t even have a time to learn it, be it from anthropology up to music metallurgy. I need to make a schedule on my internet activities then (such as which sites to visit and its duration). Click here to search your desired course, for free.

Quit O/Cing Already

Posted in Life Stories by zenmaster on August 18, 2006

Those were the days when I first owned a Celeron Coppermine and Athlon XP Palomino. Now I own Thoroughbread-B, so I can push the FSB to the fullest. Graphics card is also never missed from constant tweaking and abuse. I softmod to become Quaddro using RivaTuner and some files. I’m also pushing memory and core speed to the max and then test it on benchmark program like 3DMark. It was fun. I had mixed feeling about this. Regret because wallet’s empty due to constant upgrades. Satisfied because I’ve owned the most powerful desktop PC (yeah, I’m so vain).

My PC life comes to and end when my el cheapo PSU exploded. Nevermind, thing could be worse. I checked the motherboard and I found out that the capacitor near the MOSFET was leaking and it smells like one kind. Bugger. That’s why I use truepower PSU like Enlight and Powerlogic just to be on the safe side. No more el cheapo PSU. Lesson learned. No more frustrating diagnosis and constant dosage of paracetamol and nicotine.

That’s the end of my overclocking life. I’ll use my current system (Thoroughbread B) until I’ve graduated from APIIT. After that, I’ll use a AMD Sempron64 with micro ATX motherboard with low-end graphics and that’s it. No more upgrades for high end stuff. I couldn’t be bothered about the performence anymore.

I’ll buy a laptop based on AMD Turion X2 when I secure a decent job. Compaq Presario is one of them. With the price of RM2999, it’s very affordable considering there’s a dual core processor and GeForce Go blablablablabla. Nevertheless, no Microsoft Windows installed on the laptop and it’s replaced by FreeDOS. It’s okay as I can install Ubuntu and its variants. It’s also has a decent Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP), GeForce Go 6150. Not as powerful as Radeon X1400 or equavalent, at least it can play games at lower settings if you don’t care about eye candy.

Mind My Own Language

Posted in Life Stories by zenmaster on July 1, 2006

I wish I could learn extra languages. Learn another Chinese dialects? I couldn’t be bothered. I rather learn by language family, for instance Latin, Germanic, Sino, Semitic and stuff. The languages that I would like to learn are Cantonese, Spanish and German.

The only Chinese dialect language that I can speak is Mandarin. Like any typical jook sing, I only can speak and understand (sort of), but cannot write the script. Great, I think I need to run for cover just in case the purist wants to flame me. Whenever I speak Mandarin to salesman, taxi driver or restaurant owner, they will ask me “Are you from Singapore or China?”. I think I need to learn Cantonese so that I will not labelled as foreigner from China and Singapore, just to be safe. Besides, Cantonese is the most spoken Chinese dialect in Chinese diaspora. If you’re visiting Chinatown overseas, expect them to talk to you in Cantonese.

Next language, Spanish. There’s so much telenovela and Latin songs lately. I’m not a big fan of telenovela or spanish music. In fact, Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken language in America, or the world. Maybe it has a potential to be a de facto language in US of A replacing English. To be honest, I have no reason to learn Spanish. To follow the crowd? Because it’s based on endangered Latin? Because it’s trendy like Kaballah? Maybe.

Here’s my favourite one, German. I’m longing to learn German one fine day. Speaking in German makes me feel like a I’m a techie person. Most of the technical contents on the Internet are written in German. On Wikipedia (and its affiliates), German has 2nd most submitted contents. According to linguist, German is the easiest language to learn for the Anglophones, or English speaker. Reason is, English is actually a Germanic language, so you will find some of the words in English are similar with German. Mmmmm, I’m out of idea already.

Considering that I’m a lower middle class person, I’m not afford to learn it at language center. Nevertheless, there’s always the Internet and you-know-what-I-mean.