The Mirror Image Of Myself

Thus Spoke Zen Master

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on September 4, 2007

Busy life ahead. No time to update. Don’t expect me to write a journal about numbers, codes and logic circuits, a’ight. Argh….whatever!!!!!

Yours truly is having a retreat at undisclosed location. It’s unknown when he’s going to come back in the blogging scene………….

Signing off,

Zen Master —–> yours truly nom de guerre,
<name withheld> ——> yours truly nom de plume


The Paradox

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on July 29, 2007

Just my inane rambling. Blablabla….lalala….yadayadayada…..

  1. Brutally honest………fanatic
  2. Frugal……..stingy
  3. Perfectionist……………procrastinate
  4. Knowledgable……………know-it-all
  5. Shy……….arrogant
  6. Pacifist………….coward

End of musing. If you have headache, take Panadol. If you’ve trouble sleeping, take Valium. For everything else, there’s a bunny with pancake on top. Bleh~

I’m Going Gaga Over Nuffnang. Not Anymore.

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on July 24, 2007

To Nuffnang or not to Nuffnang…….

To Nuffnang or not to Nuffnang…….

To Nuffnang or not to Nuffnang…….

Hell yeah, I’m going to Nuffnang my blog and make a dough out of it. That’s right. It’s the money that makes me fall head over heels with Nuffnang <333 Hehhehehhehhehhe……….. 😀

I’m Going Gaga Over Nuffnang

My dream shattered. I realized that doesn’t allow me to edit CSS unless if I have enough money to upgrade it or even buying a hosting services. Sidebar widget is not working, as well. Nevermind, I’ll import my posts to Blogger. But alas, Blogger doesn’t have a feature that allows me to import post. I shall act like an emo kid, cry, listen to emo music and cut my own wrist. Uwaaaaa!!!!!!!!


May I Check Your Boobs, Please?

Posted in Asides, Ramblings by zenmaster on July 7, 2007

Notice Word Verification/CAPTCHA in the screenshot above.

How To Become A Stingy Bastard

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on December 1, 2006

Yeah. I know. I have nothing better to do.

1. Savings is the must.
2. Buy everything cheap and cheerful.
3. Be an antisocial.
4. ?????????????

My Fetish

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on June 21, 2006

Some people have a weird fetish such as girl’s nightwear, girls in uniform, love songs, pubic hair, feaces, diapers et cetera. Does matter as different people has their own fetish(es). Wanna know what my fetish is?

My sexual fetish is red-haired nympho (you heard me right, nympho). Their hair looks nice during the summer time and their “orangy red” hair is unleashed. It’s all good.

The problem with ang mohs is they are subjected to public stereotype and discrimination. So, they resorted to dye their hair to other colours, specifically blonde. Nicole Kidman is the primary example of blonde in disguise. I’m hardly can see ang mohs travel in Malaysia. All I have seen are blondes and brunettes. Maybe it’s just me. Mmmmmmmph.

From left: Shirley Manson, Nicole Kidman, Alyson Hannigan, Laura Prepon, Hayley Williams

I think I stop here. Arghhhhhhh, crap. I think I have a CREATIVITY BLOCK here. I couldn’t write a good entry and I wanna make it short here. It takes weeks to write this entry.Maybe I’ll edit this later.

Have a good one. Well. That’s my fetish. How about yours?

Diagnosed With World Cup Fever

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on June 18, 2006

The potential samba killer, from a friendly country that gives you friendly fire. The Slavik country from western Europe. This is the team that I support the most.


I guess everyone should recognized this flag already.

Oiche Maith

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on June 18, 2006

Not really a goodnight post, but a post done in the night.

As I promised before, I’m going to make another title change. Enough of Journal Of The Fake Zen Master. It’s too long by my standard. It’s lame, too. (What a punchline!). Nevertheless, it was short lived . So, I name it, Tempus fugit. It’s means as the time flies in Latin. Not too long, not too short. Just nice.

Hopefully, I will come out with better articles and ramblings, despite my blogging cliches and noobness. LOL!

Is anyone knows Irish? How to frigging pronounce it? Is it oikh maihh? Nevermind. Gotta go to bed now. Oiche Maith.


My rambling in Pig Latin

Posted in Ramblings by zenmaster on April 2, 2006

I’llway illway otnay ableway otay onlineway orfay isthay onthmay
orfay ethay easonray ymay onlineway uptimeway isway eachingray
ethay imitlay. Oddammitgay, Iway allshay evertray  otay
Eamyxstray 66 anplay