The Mirror Image Of Myself

Life Full Of Smoke And Brimstone

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on January 17, 2007

Nevermind, I’m just babbling, so don’t bother to comprehend my journal entry. I’m bored a horrible death now.

Your brain is a storage device to store memories. Your brain is the one that process your hand and movements of yours. When you need to carry something your minds tells you to moves your hands. When you are child or baby, you start input codecs and files and your brain will decode them and process them.

When a mind starts to accept only certain files and stop accepting codecs to decode the files, and started to create its own language. I called it bugged or virus affected. when the bug and virus is not removed or quarantined it still start damage the mind and brain. I call that malfunction of brain and should be send to format or leave it rotten.

Yes when you are lost you seek for answers. When you cant get your answers you , you start questioning and the serious one you start questioning who are you, and you start forgotten that your parents born you out and teach you how to walk with your own legs. Not every ordinary people is like this, only the extra ordinary people are like this. Not except the enlightenment, is because those people that don’t know how to light up their bulb. So they rely on people to help them to light up their life and look for the road.

There is always difference between people that find their way themselves and people that rely on people to look for the way to follow. People follow their mind because they believe that their mind are not cheap. People start questioning their cheap mind because they are already corrupted with cheap codecs and suffered malfunction and like sumone said is all ugly thoughts becauseis input files and codecs most of them are virus and bug.

The worse scenario cames is when the people got bugged and affected by virus but he didn’t know at all. He started to generate its own antivirus and started to creating own language that he believe that is true and same goes to other people.


Silent Hill

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on July 8, 2006

My favourite video game genre is adventure. I’m leaning towards the great storyline instead of gameplay. One of my favourite adventure game is Silent Hill.

The feeling of fear prevailing from Silent Hill is depending on the feeling of fear. In the earlier sequel, a sense of fear is sustained by silence that lies within each characters which is progressively raised into anxienty. Gradually, it’s escalated into horror. Whereas the latest sequel emphasize on direct feeling of fear (violence).

The walls that bleed, swarmed and burned. Plus, an eerie sound that’s so realistic, it will send a chill thru your spine and butterflies in your stomach. This effect makes the set comes alive and realistic. It’s a definitive language of FEAR.

Since I’ve played all 4 sequels, I’m going to write a review from my perspective (no spoiler here).

  1. Silent Hill – There will be a remake of this sequel on PSP (maybe a prequel?), with better graphics, sounds and storyline. The graphics is choppy due to limitation of the PS1, but the sound compensates it.
  2. Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams – A sequel of its own and not related to the 1st installment. This is the best game I’ve ever played. It’s all about a protagonist  who is trapped into his own hell. I”m not going to explain it further, just play it.
  3. Silent Hill 3 – Graphically improved. A sequel derived from the 1st installment. Storyline is okay but the gameplay is too short. Replayability is short, as the ending is only 2. If you don’t care about the replayability, there’s actually 6 endings (just look at the game over cutscene).
  4. Silent Hill: The Room – The latest installment. Not related to any sequel, but closer to 2nd installment. The best thing of this game is, the protagonist is not playable. The most failure sequel of all.

Before I”m signing off, here’s my word of wisdom. What you see is not nessassarily reality. What you’re seeing may not be what I’m seeing. Maybe they are humans just like you. I might be wrong.  Till then, ciao.

Trends In Malaysia: Now & Then

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on June 18, 2006

This journal entry is about the trends followed by the yuppies in Malaysia from my point of view. It’s divided into Then (Gen X) and Now (Gen Y). Gen X trends are practiced in 90’s whereas Gen Y is in 2000 and beyond. Here’s the list:


Boy’s hairstyle: centre parting, shoulder length
Girl’s hairstyle: can’t think any
Girl’s Fashion: platform shoes, bell bottom
Boy’s Fashion: thrifty shirt, torn jeans, T-shirt w/ band logo, cargo pants w/ chains, studs
What’s cool: smoking cigarettes
Drugs abused: ganja, heroin, Valium
Oriental scene: Japan, dorama, J-pop/rock, sushi
Trendy music: alternative rock (coined by MTV)
Rock music: Seattle grunge scene
Theme: Do-It-Yourself or die
Club music: techno, breakbeat, industrial
E-commerce: dying
IT graduates: scarce
TV genre: game show, sitcom
Musical instruments: guitar, bass, drumkit, keyboard
Restaurant: indoor/air-conditioned
Dance style: anything that accompanying the fast techno beat (no idea what dance is that)
Nightclubs: Twelve SI, Warp, Movement (RIP)
Underground scene circulation: newspaper pullout (The Sun), DIY fanzine
Deluxe telephone service: dial 600-85-6666


Girl’s hairstyle: digital perm, rebonding
Boy’s hairstyle: spiky hair, Korean hairstyle ala F4
Girl’s Fashion: multi-stitched/layered (?) skirt
Boy’s Fashion: oversized shirts and pants, baby T emo-style, wristband, tight jeans
What’s cool: consuming alcoholic drinks
Drugs abuse: meth, MDM, ketamine
Oriental scene: Korea, K drama, K-pop, kimchi
Trendy music: hip-hop, rave
Rock music: Washington DC’s emo/screamo punk scene
Theme: Cheer up emo kid
Club music: trance, house, progressive
E-commerce: revived
IT graduates: glut
TV genre: reality show
Musical instruments: turntables, mixer, synthesizer, sequencer, Fruity Loops
Restaurant: al-fresco
Dance style: Melbourne shuffle, breakdance
Nightclubs: Zouk, Rush
Underground scene circulation: website, blog
Deluxe telephone service: SMS 66699

That’s all I can point out. I can’t recall the others. If anyone can figure out any mistakes or lack thereof, you can write it in the comments.

An Endless Cycle Of Violence

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on June 18, 2006

With recent terrorist attack in Bali for the second time, people around the world go panic. More reason for the superpowers to launch a war against terrorism. The terrorists retaliate with more violence. Then, the another one adding a fuel to the fire. More terrorism act. People back at the wrong tree. Then, people come out with a romours saying that it’s a conspiracy. Peace achieved but only for a short period of time. Weeks later, fresh violence occurs. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. See the pattern? It’s neverending and it’s impossible to end it because of human’s ego and pride.

To Zionists, terrorists, superpowers and politicians, can you all please practicing pacifism? Why play fire with fire when peace can be achived in a cheaper way. No weapons involved, no death tolls. Well, that’s the fallacy of mankind. They tend to make the simplest thing complicated.

Imagine there’s no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace…

The song above is made famous by the late John Lennon for its Utopian themed song. Let’s hope that someone will build an Utopia so that no war involved, just peace.

Me Against The Chinaman

Posted in Random Thoughts by zenmaster on June 18, 2006

This is something which we must get over with. I find it distasteful for one to ridicule another for not knowing Chinese. It’s just childish to do so. If you can use the language, good for you. You don’t need to go around as if you are in a crusade forcing the language on to any Chinese you meet.

There are many Jews in the world who can’t speak Hebrew, and yet they are still regarded as a Jew. I’ll continue ranting on that matter.