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Harold and Kumar 2 Trailer

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Self-explainatory. Malas nak explain.


[NSFW] Infamous Fake Orgasm Scene By Meg Ryan

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ACHTUNG! This video contains the most realistic fake orgasm you’ve ever heard. So realistic, people will think that you’re watching porn. If you still insisted of watching this video, just turn down the volume already so it’s barely audible. Alternatively, you can use headphone to listen to it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ❗

Video above is taken from the comedy-romance movie called When Harry Met Sally featuring the infamous fake orgasm scene. This scene is arguably one of the most memorable scene in Hollywood, so to speak.

Pearl Jam – Wishlist

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Remember the quote “I wish I was as fortunate as fortunate as me”? Yeah, indeed, I’ve promised to you earlier that I’ll blog about this. And now, I’m going to write about it, specifically about my favourite Pearl Jam’s song. Wishlist is one of my Pearl Jam’s Big 5 (Alive, Jeremy, Betterman, Rearviewmirror, Wishlist). Unlike the other Big 5, this song is slow and relaxing, yet moving. I call it the semangat song. Likewise, you may call it a love song, lullaby, pop song, easy listening, slow rock whatsoever.

Interestingly, many listeners acknowledge that Wishlist is arguably the most easy Pearl Jam song to play, even the beginner can play it in a jiffy. As a guitar noob, I have to agree with them. There’s only 3 chords involved F, G and C (both open and power chords). Of course, there’s guitar licks and solos, but only simple ones. So, you’ll save your fingers from getting blistered. Electric guitar and ebow are optional because of the 2nd (volume swelling) and 3rd (sustain) solo. Wishlist is fun to be played on acoustic guitar, too. Click the following links for, bass tab and guitar tab.

The best part of this song is the lyrics itself. It’s very simple yet it’s poetic and full of meaning. According to the Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam’s frontman), he made a wishlist as a reminder for him to fulfilled his desired dream. At the end of the day, he resolved it with the line I wish I was as fortunate as fortunate as me as a sign that he contended with his dream already. God, I even modify the lyrics into my own “wishlist” occasionally. I will write my own poem based on the Wishlist lyrics itself.

I wish I was a neutron bomb for once I could go off,
I wish I was a sacrifice but somehow still lived on,
I wish I was a sentimental ornament you hung on,
The Christmas tree I wish I was the star that went on top,
I wish I was the evidence I wish I was the grounds,
For 50 million hands upraised and open toward the sky.

I wish I was a sailor with someone who waited for me,
I wish I was as fortunate as fortunate as me,
I wish I was a messenger and all the news was good,
I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro’s hood.

I wish I was an alien at home behind the sun,
I wish I was the souvenir you kept your house key on,
I wish I was the pedal brake that you depended on,
I wish I was the verb ‘to trust’ and never let you down.

I wish I was a radio song, the one that you turned up,
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish……..**

** The lyrics might be altered by Eddie from time to time, depending on the location of the concert.

QOTSA – Avon Performed By 4 Different Drummers

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Just in case if you’re scratching your head pondering what the heck is QOTSA. Well, it’s a short for Queens Of The Stone Age. Sounds gay, but heck, they rock to the core. Anyways, here’s the same song performed by different drummers.

Alfredo Hernandez (1998 – 1999)

Gene Trautman (1999 – 2002)

Dave Grohl (2002) <———— this is da’ bomb!

Joey Castillo (2002 – current)

Personally, I think Dave Grohl is the best candidate to become a permanent member of QOTSA, for what it’s worth. Too bad, he has Foo Fighters to take care of. Joey Castillo is too fast for my liking. Must be because of his punk rock background. But nevermind, that what makes QOTSA a democratic band. Hiring lotsa musicians, making it very diverse.

So what’s your pick.

Side note: QOTSA’s new album, Era Vulgaris (Vulgar Years in Latin) is now released. Do check it out. 🙂

Turn Your MPV Into A 7-Seater Convertible. O Rly? Ya rly.

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Jeremy Clarkson (also known as Jezza in Australian accent) tries to prove that multi purpose vehicle (MPV) can be multi functional by cutting the roof off and convert it into a 7-seater convertible MPV. But the outcome is not that good. The MPV split into half while he’s driving half-way. Hence, Jezza concludes that Renault Espace is not a good car and destined to go to hell.

Ironically on Top Gear’s “How Hard Can It Be” challenge, Renault Espace just doing fine despite being converted into convertible by the same means. Maybe the challenge is managed by James “Captain Slow” May instead of Jeremy “Powerrrr” Clarkson. Ditto, the challenges ended in hilarity, albeit the MPV is back in good condition (sort of). I’m not going to spoil you. Just download and watch Top Gear Season 8 Episode 1.

For your information, this clip is not taken from Top Gear. It’s from his annual DVD release couple of years ago called Heaven and Hell, featuring the famous Perodua Kelisa being tortured to death by the means of smashed by sledgehammer, “hanging, drawing & quartering” and explosion. In other words, it’s the worse car being
tortured by Jezza just because it’s the cheapest car in UK (6000 pounds) and it’s nothing but a white good that has no soul, no passion and no flair.

I Did It For The Lulz!

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Yes, old news is so exciting. Archive it for future laughs. The next time if you want to this stunt at mamak stall, do it at your own risk.

Britons Vs Rednecks

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Great Britain Confederate States

This footage isn’t fabricated like any other Top Gear challenges. This is real, the challenge that goes wrong. The presenters decorate their cars by writing the propagandas that might insult the locals and they pay for heavy consequences. While filling for gas at petrol station, they bickering with the locals and then they got chased away with rocks pelted at them. If you happened to travel to the South/Conferedate/Jesusland, here’s the tips:

  • They support Republicans
  • They are Jesus freaks
  • They are conservative
  • Liberalism is frown upon
  • George W. Bush is their idol
  • Country & Western is their favourite music
  • Confederate nationalism is strong

I’ll write a review about Top Gear latest episode. Stay tuned. Maybe not. I’m running out of creative juice already.