The Mirror Image Of Myself

Let There Be Lights

Posted in Poetry by zenmaster on July 8, 2007

I’m like a weed with giant leaves,
Waiting for the sun to rise from east,
Arms wide open for a mother load of lights,
Running all the rivers and lakes dry.

Bribe to light with darkness,
Gauge the heat and feel the chillness,
Sorry, I have fear of Fahrenheit,
But I can brave new world of Celcius,

12345 against ABCDE,
Nobody can understand this but you and me,
Barking at the wrong tree when things go wrong,
Let’s get the feel good hit from a bong.

To go further, we must go together,
To go faster, we must go alone,
Off we go, to the brightest place on earth,
Godspeed us and experience the rebirth.

The existence reborn,
The nihilism subside,
Water in the glass half-full, switched on,
Air in the ozone, switched off.


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